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Monday, October 29, 2007

The two B.Ed Religion teachers...

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Another number in the show featuring myself and Miriam... my Gozitan religion companion :)


Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
For those of you who don't know, I am now an expert at dancing the can-can. Friends of mine from university and I had a show this weekend and someone kindly filmed it for us so I thought I would attach the video for your own viewing pleasure :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Oh my goodness, where to start from. Well, to put you a little bit in the picture, these past few weeks have been quite tough as my thesis is based on the first four weeks of school and therefore it was non stop preparing and running around. Anyway, last week all was done but then I had to catch up on the assignments which I got during my first week at uni. STRESS. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Jonathan told me he had to go up to Gozo Saturday evening to film and was wondering if I would like to go up for the weekend with some others. At first I said no... I wasn't even thinking of going Saturday night let alone the whole weekend, but as the days past I decided I needed a break so I worked like crazy and told Jon we would go. So on Friday evening, after dinner at my cousins' house (Elaine and Enrico)... beautiful, amazing house... Jon and I drove like mad to get the 11 o'clock boat, only to be told that the time table on the internet was wrong and the next one is at midnight. Mishap number one. We didn't mind so much, it was more that we had people waiting for us on the other side. Anyway, made it to Gozo, garaged the van will all the filming stuff and went to the flat. Slept. Woke up Saturday morning and went for breakfast to this place in Rabat and then went to Ta'Pinu church to start setting up. At about midday we all went for lunch and I ended up with five guys in the van with us while Lawrence kindly decided to take the valley roads making us go offroading for about five minutes while I had to try and avoid being covered in mud which Jon was purposely driving through! Heh. Anyway, had lunch, went back to the church, went to the flat to shower and change and back again to the church. This time the filming team decided to film and edit on the spot which was hectic but fun at the same time and I got to do the sound :) Afterwards we packed up and I brilliantly twisted my ankle. It didn't hurt too much at all but yesterday the pain started coming and now it won't go away :( Anyway, afterwards we went out to eat and about an hour later left to go back to the flat cause it was raining hard. Very hard. So hard that on our way back to the flat we had to stop because the road was like a river flowing down so quickly we would have been dragged away. So we waited in the van and then my brave men decided to go outside in the rain to survey the surroundings leaving myself and Ian in the van. (The two sensible ones basically) About a minute later the road lights go out... pitch darkness and we hear the boys scrambling back with Pedro groaning because he walked into the back of Simon's head which apparently, is very hard when you hit it! The rain slowed down and we decided to give it a try and managed to get back safely. Problem. No lights. What was going to be a fun night chatting turned into a night with everyone except myself and two others awake thinking what we could do because we didn't feel like sleeping. So then I thought we should call Enemlata to see how long it would take for the lights to come back. Hehe... 5 minutes he says. 20 minutes later I call back and again he says 5 minutes cause they are waiting for permission from Malta. So I call Malta enemlata and they say hours... great damage! I put the phone down and bam... the lights are back. So once again we call Enemalta in Gozo to thank them (such good Christians) and they ask where we are sounding quite surprised because Enemalta itself still has no light! :) hehe. Then we went to sleep, satisfied that we had brought light back to Gozo. Sunday morning we wake up at 11 am only to find a protected species of a bird in our balcony. Jon catches it. It's injured. We decide to save it. So we went to Maraslforn to meet Angelique and Joe and have the biggest lunch ever! All the while the bird is in the van. Then, because the weather was so bad we decide to head home but because Joseph Mario Maggi's van was so large we were not allowed on the boat we intended to catch and therefore had to wait another hour to get on the next one even though the rest of us could have left, but now we are a team, glues together by the heart and our love for well... am... something. All the while, the bird is in the van. We get to Malta, and now we separate so guess who gets to hold the dying bird all the way to Birzebbugia... ME! I admit, towards the end I did start to love him except for the time I thought he had died and through him at Jon with horror. Please note, Jonathan was driving. So we made it to B'Bugia and took him to the police where there was a Bird Life rep. waiting for us to take it to safety. Now it's back to normal life even though I think the bond that was created in this weekend will remain... sniff:) Anyway, so there was my weekend. If you would like more detail visit Simon's blog as he too wrote about this weekend with other details. Till now... I miss you all guys, and may God be with you Franky the bird.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Limo ride and First Teacahing Job!

It is official... after months of waiting, I got a job as a part time teacher at my old school and I am ecstatic! Everything just suddenly fell into place within two days... amazing! Tomorrow I go in for my first staff meeting, then three days of uni seminars and then I start teaching on Friday!! So this year I will be teaching and studying at the same time... God help me!!! :) In the meantime, It was Desiree's Birthday last week so thanks to Sarah and Vanessa we surprised her with a limo ride to her favourite disco. I loved it... never been in one before, and we had an English chauffeur who was a real gentleman. It was great... music full on, windows down and screaming out of the window every time we went past people :) Thanks Des... who's birthday is next ?:) So anyway, tomorrow another year begins for me and when it's over I will no longer be a student. Not too sure how I feel about that, I think I'll be quite sad, but I'm ready to start working too so oh well! In the meantime... have a great week everyone!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lots of little things to say ... :)

So... since last Monday, I spent most of the week working on lessons plans for my thesis as I had to give them in on Friday. Thankfully I finished just in time...literally, because my computer decided to mess up just two hours before I had to meet my tutor! But I managed. In the evening Jon and I went to watch 'Licence to Wed'... hilarious! We loved it! Robin Williams was great in it! Oh and I forgot to mention, earlier than that, as we were trying to find a parking place I got the fright of my life and almost landed in a lamp post because a few lovely people decided to yell at me at the top of their voice... *cough* not that I didn't appreciate the welcome but I honestly almost had a heart attack! Anyway... After the film finishing at 1.30 am, I had to wake up at 8am the next day as we had a wedding of Jon's cousin. It was a nice wedding, got introduced to a whole pile of people... can't remember any names though!:) In the evening we just chilled at home as we were rather tired. Sunday... today. Yes well, today I went to mass and then Jon, mum and I had lunch at the airport, really good food, and then went down to arrivals to see Lexi (my best friend) arrive! It was great to see her after such a long time. She was on mission work in Ethiopia. I went to her house after and we saw her pics and watched her videos. My oh my, some tribes are just out of this world. Ever heard of women who fight to get whipped as a sign of pride?! Crazy. Anyway, this week I face yet another week of thesis work, but I don't really mind. In the meantime... I miss you all, call me if you go out and big hug and kiss :) xxx

Monday, September 03, 2007


I love this video... totally inlove with the girl in it!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Left for Canada One Year Today!!

I can't believe it. Today last year I was leaving for Canada. It's insane how fast time flies. It feels like only yesterday I was running round uni trying to get the papers I needed, and now it's been a year. I have to say that Canada was truly a life changing experience for me. It helped me in so many ways and opened up my mind to a whole new world. I made friends I will never forget and basically, I had the time of my life and I miss it. BUT I have great friends here too and I thank God for them every single day. So for those of you who don't know them... I thought I would introduce them to you today.

On Wednesday we had Matthew Cammilleri's b'day party and that was quite fun. After we walked to the creperie and indulged in delicious crepes. Although I had a great evening, my feet still swore at me...we walked !!!

Yesterday, at the meeting, I found some people in a peculiar mood and decided to join them, hence the picture with Vanessa :) Heh... I love these guys. Tonight, a farewell BBQ for a friend of mine, whose going away to study for three years... long time, but worth it! I's also like to say thank you to Sarah Giusti for allowing me to steal her pics :) Didn't actually ask but ...:) Love ya Sa.

Anway, first picture of the batch is of Jon, my one and only and Simon, our artist, reader, dare devil and well... Simon.

The second picture is of Vanessa and Mike... hehe. Oh Mike. What can I say. He is a great electric guitar player, loves to pick on me in continuation, but altogether he's a great guy, oh and he just got into medical school. Well done :) Van is an amazing peron. she is sweet, gentle and really really caring. Most of all, she loves to joke and fool around (case in point yesterday) and she always mages to put a smile on my face.

Next picture; Matthew and Louisa. I like to think of these two as the fashion gurus. They are so so fashion conscious and look great together, but most of all they are great people. Lou is absolutely beautiful, both in and out. She is caring and fun to be around. Knows when it's time to be serious and knows when she can relax. Matt is a great leader, an artist and and a joker. Still waiting to know what that comment was baout me Mat! Hehe... oh, and he's also another future doctor. Yey... free visits :)

In the group picture we find Lara and Miguel (on the left). Lara is a really sweet person. Always with a smile on her face and really soft spoken and calm to talk to. Miguel is like a tornado :) He is always full of energy and seems to me like a bit of a jack in the box. Jumping, throwing his hands around, and then of course he loves playing the drums. One thing about him, however, is that he is a deep thinker and really thinks about everything carefully before he acts. Des is also in this picture. I love Des. She is such a cheerful peerson with such loving words for everyone. She is so positive and kind, a kindness that really comes from within and seems to radiate wherever she goes. And then of course she is a fantastic dancer!

Next picture. Here we have the brothers, Karl and Steve, Karla, Paula and Charlene. I haven't really known Karl and Steve that long, but let me just say that you always seem to know it when they are around. They have a certain presence :) With Karl, you always know he is around because every few mintues you hear the phrase, 'fair play!' oh and his nick is 'Jones', so it's Jones this and Jones that all the time. Wist Steve it's more on the quiet side. You'll turn around and find him there and he'll usually just hug you to say hi, and in my case he'll say 'Hi Taxi' cause I gave him a lift once:) Karla is just an explosion of giggles and chatter and hopping and hand gestures. She is adorable, still sixteen and yet so wise :) And then of course Paula, great actress, and very very honest. I love that about her. She says what she has to say and always makes sure she never hurts anyone. And Charlene, is also another lovely person. She is so very caring and does this by showing an interest in what's going on in your life and just listening... a real darling.

Anyway, those were just a FEW of my friends. There are tons more, and as the days go by I will write about more and more. So keep watching, you never know. You might find yourself up here sometime soon!:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Year Today! Happy Birthday!

I just finished writing the previous post when I remembered that I started this blog last August just before I went to Canada, so I decided to check what date exactly I had started it and it's today. Today is my blog's one year birthday! I can't believe a year has passed already since I was about to leave for Canada. Time flies like anything! So anyway... happy birthday my dear blog, you have been a great bearer of news over the past year, and hopefully for many many more!

Great weekend and more to look forward to!!

So... this weekend has been great! It started off with my darling coming back from his one month long holiday... so that obviously made the weekend great! Anyway, after a good nights sleep ( he landed at 3am!) We just spent the day relaxing and giving out presents and stuff. In the evening we went to my house and watched a DVD called 'The Lake House'. Brilliant film. Next day, went to mass, had lunch in B'Bugia with his parents and in the evening went to Mark's house for a BBQ. Loved it! The company was great and the dancing was just as great!!
Monday it was back to work. Jon at the home and myself on my thesis. In the evening we went for a really long walk and stopped for pancakes before walking back. It was a nice evening, even though at 11pm there was still no breeze by the sea! Anyway, last night we had filming of the a dance for 4given. It took ages!! Those blasted candles! But finally it was done. Thanks to Sim and Andrew for their great work, and to Jon for helping out after work! A big sorry to Andrew for a potentially big injury I could have caused... thankfully, nothing happened. Anyway... the next few weeks are packed with stuff to do! Party tonight, meeting tomorrow, party on Friday and Saturday, invited to dinner on Sunday and two more parties and a wedding (plus a dentists appointment) in the next few weeks! Fun fun fun... anyway. Me be off now... have to do some work and figure out what to wear tonight! see ya!